Salesforce Integration with Adwords, Google Apps, Phone, Quickbooks and eCommerce Site

Yesterday was Day 1 in our attempt to find the holy grail – tie up all the loose ends of marketing into a new Salesforce CRM installation.  We have never done this before or even used Force, so we are the blind leading the naked, directed by idiots.  I am one of the idiots.  The website is MFC Workstations – who buys and sells office furniture, mostly by liquidating entire office buildings worth of cubicles, chairs, files, even large screen tvs and framed pictures.

This stuff is actually supposed to work - Salesforce plus Google

This stuff is actually supposed to work - Salesforce plus Google

Thanks to Bob Paschelke for his help and future programming.  Being Day 1, we didn’t get much done.  Bob cleaned up the contacts in Excel and loaded them into SF.  We connected Outlook and played with it for 2 minutes and decided it is just bad.  We want to automate, not complicate.  We are going to run our email thru Gmail, which looks like it is integrated directly into SF.  This meant adding some code to our website to validate us.  We also are adding code to take our contacts coming in from the site and inserting them directly into Force.  They are coming in by email now.  Our web developer, Orasun, should get to this today.

We are trying only one website email form to see how it works before adding the hundreds of others.  Also, we are using my MFC email address for testing, since I rarely use it and have nothing to lose – literally.  Currently, most emails are being stored on Mike’s computer via his Outlook.  His Outlook is a mess.

Next step is to create custom dashboards for everyone to get them going.  As soon as we get email coming thru the system and if we like it, we’ll move forward on shopping cart and Quickbooks integration.  I hear QB is persnickety, so we have a back up plan.  I’m giving this 30 to 60 days, which means 90 if we are lucky.   Mike (owner of MFC) is giving us free reign to get this done – which is very cool.  We will keep you updated.


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